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Artistic environmental landscape architecture and design

Your Yard is Not a Box

When architecting and designing your landscape, we push the boundaries of what you think is possible, taking into account aesthetics, environmental sensitivity, and how you intend to live in it. We also consider your home’s interior styling, creating a relationship between the inside and the outside.

Elemental’s mission is to harmonize each space using the principles of Feng Shui along with the 5 element theory, working with the creative and destructive cycles of fire, water, wood, metal, and earth creating unexpected spaces that live and breathe.” - Rhadiante Van De Voorde

How We Work

Collaboration & Illustrations

You may know exactly what you have in mind or you may come to us with a blank slate. Either way, we’ll imagine your new landscape together and come up with the perfect design illustrated with technical detail.

Site Survey & Permits

We’ll start with a site survey analysis and handle obtaining all necessary city & HOA regulatory permits. We’ll also provide required water usage calculations.

Materials & Contractor Sourcing

We’ll source all the materials so you don’t have to and even pass along our trade discount. Your landscape project workbook includes all hard costs and our contractor bid management process provides value and transparency.

Construction Oversight

Our team will oversee your entire project, end-to-end, ensuring that your landscape design is implemented flawlessly.

What Our Clients Say


Our Team

Elemental’s experts in landscape architecture, design, visuals, provisioning, and contractor selection and oversight offers our clients innovative and sustainable designs that celebrate the natural beauty and diversity of an individual’s dwelling. With our expertise in blending form and function, we create spaces that inspire and rejuvenate, while seamlessly integrating with the local environment. Our commitment to creating vibrant and functional landscapes for our residential clients is designed to be timeless and enjoyed for generations to come.

Rhadiante with Clients

Transforming Landscapes Beyond Your Imagination

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