Landscape Stairs that Make You Want to Climb Them

Purpose and Functionality

We start with the purpose of your landscape stairs. Are they primarily for accessing different levels of your landscape, or do they serve a decorative role? This will guide design choices.

Style and Design

We’ll make sure that the design of your landscape stairs harmonizes with the landscape. Whether natural, rustic, contemporary, traditional, or eclectic, the design will complement your home’s architecture and the surrounding environment.

Material Selection

We’ll help select materials that suit your landscape’s style. For California landscapes, popular choices for steps are natural stone, sleek flagstone, brick, wood, gravel, and custom concrete. Consider the durability and visual appeal of each material.

Landscaping Integration

We’ll integrate steps seamlessly into the landscape by incorporating plants, shrubs, or ground cover along the sides. This softens the appearance of the stairs and blends them into your natural surroundings.


Your stairs may benefit from integrated lighting for safety and ambiance. Options include embedded LED lights, solar-powered path lights, or strategically placed fixtures that illuminate the steps.


For landscape stairs that must be built to code, we’ll include proper handrails where necessary. Anti-slip materials can also be incorporated into the design to prevent accidents, especially in wet conditions around swimming pools, for example.