Award Winning Amenity-Filled Backyard in Saratoga, California

Award Winning Amenity-Filled Backyard in Saratoga, California

Award Winning Amenity-Filled Backyard in Saratoga, California

Traditional home’s backyard spa design by Rhadiante Van de Voorde receives Pool and Spa Magazine award.

Mission: For a Saratoga, California couple with teenage children, their traditional ranch home’s recent interior remodel intensified its uninspiring landscape. Seeking to take advantage of the front and rear yard spaces, the couple desired a landscape that would enhance the beauty of their home and draw everyone to the out-of-doors.

The medium-sized backyard had the bones for an ideal relaxation retreat but lacked the usefulness, interest and sophistication the maturing family desired. Challenges were the large deck in disrepair and unwanted hardscapes adjacent to the home.

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Elemental’s Landscape Design Approach

Since the overall goal was to entice the client and their guests out into the garden, the landscape design scheme centers on a custom water fountain feature. Taking advantage of the home’s direct sightline from the front door through to the backyard, the fountain provides the perfect focal point upon entering the home. 

Multiple integrated areas in this award-winning backyard landscape include a brick and paver patio complete with firepit, dining area and an outdoor kitchen. Close to the master bedroom is a strategically located raised lounge deck and hot tub.

Tying into the home’s existing brick wainscot on the front exterior, the landscape uses a mix of brick, bluestone and pavers to complement the architectural style. This use of mixed materials also served to keep the project budget in check.

The lawn was reduced in size and plantings were interspersed throughout the landscape providing both interest and softness to counterbalance the stone and brickwork. Original hardscapes adjacent to the house were replaced with planting beds for an elegant, organic look. 

The front yard received new brick walkways to match the existing wainscoting. A brick half-wall encloses the updated stone front porch. A new colorful planting bed alongside the driveway plays up the existing birch tree, completing the storybook look.

“The privacy offered through additional layered plantings is nothing short of stunning. We were able to take advantage of some of the mature trees and hedges while adding in a variety of blooming and drought-tolerant flora to make the trace truly special. The end result is a visual tapestry in every area of the landscape and the family now has several usable areas designed for relaxation and entertaining.” – Rhadiante Van de Voorde

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