Stone | Concrete | Wood | Retaining | Decorative

Well designed walls elevate the visual appeal and function of a landscape. Skillfully designed walls add depth, dimension, and character to what may be an otherwise unusable or lackluster space. Built using stone, wood, tile, or concrete, walls can be used to separate spaces, retain soil, create hillside terraces, offer privacy and protection, act as focal points, or even provide additional seating. No matter what type of wall your landscape needs, Elemental will ensure that it harmonizes with your architecture and natural surroundings and reflects your personal style.

Stone Walls

Stone walls add texture to landscapes and are popular for both their attractiveness and their strength. They can be constructed using various types of stone, such as limestone, granite, or fieldstone, and can be stacked in an organized manner or one that is natural for a timeless, more organic look. 

Wooden Walls

Whether crafted from reclaimed timber for a weathered look or using polished wood for a contemporary feel, landscape walls made from wood add warmth and beauty to complement any landscape design. Often used for privacy, noise reduction, and decorative purposes, wooden walls can be used to create tranquil retreats within outdoor spaces, perfect for relaxation. 

Concrete Walls

Concrete walls combine durability with design versatility. Suitable for structural purposes and aesthetic enhancement, concrete walls can be made in just about any size, shape, and color. Decorative concrete walls can be stamped, textured, or stained to mimic natural stone or other materials, offering a cost-effective way to achieve a specific aesthetic. 

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are indispensable to many California hillside properties and are used to hold back soil, preventing dangerous erosion on sloped terrains. Retaining walls also enable the creation of new usable spaces for gardening, play areas, or entertaining. Retaining walls should be beautifully integrated with their environment and contribute to the overall health of the landscape.