Landscape Design Process

The Path to Your Dream Landscape Begins Here

What to Expect

Our landscape design process ensures that property owners have complete insight into every facet of the project. We'll be in step with you throughout starting with the initial consultation where we discuss your perfect space, to architectural drawings, permitting, and construction.

1. Consultation

The landscape design process kicks off with an initial consultation to learn more about your property and what will make for the perfect outdoor space for you and your family. Ideally, this takes place at your location so that we can walk the property, define an initial scope of work and discuss your desired budget. And no worries if you’re not exactly sure what you want! Our team is expert at envisioning the possibilities including things you may have never imagined.

2. Service Agreement

Keeping your budget in mind, we will present a proposal to address your project's scope of work which may include design, architecture, and contracting installation services, and submit it to you for your review and approval. Upon your signed approval, we require a deposit to secure our services and start the design process. It is important to note that your final budget for the project cannot be determined until the site survey, design, materials and contractor selections have been made.

3. Site Survey

Next, we will schedule a site survey to complete a detailed measure of your home and property, which we will then compare to city plot maps to locate property lines. If required, we will obtain site grades to comply with any drainage requirements. This detail becomes the base of our design plan.

4. City & HOA Research

Prior to crafting the design, we will do the legwork to research any setback, easement, or city/HOA restrictions or requirements that may impact the project. this may involve fencing and hardscapes, large features such as swimming pools, pergolas, or sculptures, and the addition or removal of existing plantings.

5. Design Concept

You will receive a detailed illustration and three-dimensional visualization of your design so that you can see how your new landscape will look once its installed. We will meet with you to review and accommodate any last minute change requests. After capturing those revisions, we will provide your project's initial budget estimate.

6. Technical Documents

The landscape design process includes a detailed technical construction plan used for contractor bidding, defining the required project materials, details, and finishes, and for providing information needed to obtain city and H.O.A. approval and permits. At this time we will be able to provide the final cost to complete the project.

7. City & HOA Permits

We will manage the process of submitting all design approval applications and construction documents to the city and your HOA for approval. The approval process timeline varies depending on HOA and city responsiveness. Once approvals and permits are obtained, we can begin the construction process. Very soon your project will be brought to life!

8. Construction

Additional construction deposits are required to schedule any third-party contractors involved in the project. You will be assigned a project manager for the duration of your project who will work closely with your dedicated site foreman. The timeframe to complete construction depends on the size and complexity of your project.

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