Sitting Areas

Sitting Areas

Sitting Areas

Seating Spaces for Lounging, Entertaining, and Enjoying Nature

Well-designed landscape seating areas can transform outdoor spaces into inviting retreats, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort. We always factor in the key elements of function, placement, integration with the environment, and privacy.


Seating areas are designed to provide the function you need whether it is relaxing with family, entertaining friends, or meditating in a secluded, natural area. Most landscapes are able to accommodate multiple seating areas giving homeowners flexibility in how they enjoy all aspects of their space.

Purposeful Placement

A critical aspect of your landscape seating area design is placement. We consider factors like sunlight, shade, views, and proximity to other landscape features to ensure your seating area allows for relaxation, socializing, or enjoying nature.

Natural Integration

We are experts in seamlessly integrating seating areas into your landscape – and we love surprise areas that harmonize with nature! We use a sense of unity and tranquility and incorporate natural elements like stones, wood, and native plants to further enhance your space.

Privacy and Screening

Depending on your preferences, we can incorporate natural screening elements like hedges, trellises, pergolas, or custom walls made from stone, wood, or even glass to add privacy and define your seating space, making it an intimate oasis within your landscape.