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What Our Customers Say About Us

"I had my landscape plan drawn by Van De Voorde Elemental Design Group and it was fantastic! I was listened to and the end product was everything I wanted. Very creative and professional. I would recommend this team highly!"
Yu-En T.
Palo Alto, CA
"Thanks to Rhadiante we have a backyard that is so beautiful that people literally gasp when they see it. The work was done about 7 years ago and everything has grown in and looks fantastic. Rhadiante is a talented designer. Rhadiante worked carefully with both of us to include the features we wanted. She provided us with renderings that allowed us to preview the layout and features. We received detailed sets of blueprints for the contractor – lighting, irrigation, hardscape, and plants. Rhadiante worked closely with the contractor to ensure everything was built as specified. We got exactly what we wanted. Our backyard is an extension of the house and a great space for relaxing and entertaining. We’ve used it for a wedding and countless other functions with family and friends. One thing I might do differently next time is to carefully consider how the sun moves across the yard – where and when it will be light/hot or cool/shady for the various “rooms” in consideration of how I plan to use the space. Overall we are thrilled with the work done by Van De Voorde Elemental Design Group."
Michelle Paganini
San Jose, CA
"We first met Rhadiante Van de Voorde shortly after moving into our new home. Our house had a very large backyard and no landscaping. Together with Rhadiante and the contractors whom she hired, we created something beautiful to behold! My husband and I had contemplated the area for some weeks, and we knew what was important to us. Rhadiante added her creative touch to our ideas and developed a fabulous blueprint including patio, plants, trees, lawn and even a spot for a hot tub and a meditation garden. She knew exactly the right contractors to hire. Presto! Each day we are surprised and delighted as this beautiful garden unfolds!"
Virginia A.
Rio Del Mar, CA
"It has been a wonderful experience working with Rhadiante and Larry on our landscaping project. Rhadiante is extremely professional and gets things done with such efficiency. Her designs are beautiful and she has worked with me to complete our entire property in phases. I highly recommend that she does both the design and the build. By working with Elemental Design Group the entire way, I’ve had the peace of mind that things are being done with a unified vision and bringing an idea to life is extremely nuanced. With her at the helm, it has been a breeze for me. I have received many compliments on our front yard and she is currently working on the backyard. I’m very positive that there will be a stream of compliments to come once everyone sees how wonderful it now looks, compared to before. I knew that I did not have the vision, time, or expertise to create a landscape that I now have and it will be such a pleasure to nurture this landscape for decades to come."
Terry C.
Saratoga, CA
"Very beautiful plans…. listens to and builds a rapport with clients."
Kathy & Joy
Santa Cruz, CA
"We have worked with commercial architects and designers around the world and have been frustrated when our desires were ignored. Rhadiante’s team probed to understand how we wanted to use our space, actively listened to our concerns during both the design and construction phases, ultimately delivering a product that reflects not only what we wanted, but supports our lifestyle."
Mike & Coleen
Campbell, CA
"We have used Van De Voorde Elemental Design Group on 2 large projects. The first was a complete redesign of our backyard. She did a fantastic job, we had specific requirements and Rhadiante had a way of making the entire yard flow. It is hard to describe. Each element that she adds, can stand on its own, and yet flows from the rest of the yard. The second project was even larger, we built a house and had Rhadiante design the entire landscaping in the front and back yards. The backyard design included a pool, play area, path, grass area, firepit and bbq area with patio. The way she separates each element with her plantings and trees really makes the entire yard flow. Again, we couldn’t be happier with the design and everyone that sees the yard just says, “Wow”. She has a talent of maximizing a space without overcrowding. Her landscape plans are extremely detailed and our landscape contractor was very impressed, it made his job much easier and helped reduce construction costs, because Rhadiante had already thought of and detailed everything in her architecture plans. We wouldn’t hesitate to use her again."
Brian E.
Los Altos, CA
"What I was most impressed with was Rhadiante’s ability to match plants to our environment. In the Santa Cruz mountains, there are many mini micro climates, and it can be challenging to find the right mix of plants for a particular area. Rhadiante was able to assess our soil, rainfall and sunlight levels and pick plants that matched our mini microclimate. We wanted to create a landscape with low maintenance and Rhadiante accomplished this task."
Crystal C.
Ben Lomond, CA
"Rhadiante designed a landscape for my front and back yards including hardscape and garden. There is an ancient valley oak in the front yard that was to be protected and preserved so the area under the tree was designed with California native plants. The effect is beautiful and natural. The back has a good patio area for outdoor dining and a path around the perimeter that the dog loves to run laps and gives the yard a pleasant frame with a small grassy area and hearty shrubs and natives again. I contracted with Rhadiante to refresh the plants and irrigation in the front yard in 2012 and the results are lovely."
Pat C.
Cupertino, CA
"Rhadiante and Elemental Design Group are simply amazing! Not only do we love her work, but also our family and friends. We just want to stay in the backyard/garden as much as we can."
R. Wong
San Ramon, CA
"Thank you so much for all your hard work making my back garden so beautiful. I am so pleased with the end result, and I know I will get so much enjoyment sitting out there this summer. I am keen to see how all the plants will develop over the next few months. The lupins are already starting to flower. I already miss you all, and hope you will be back soon to transform my front garden."
San Jose, CA
"We have a stunning backyard thanks to Van de Voorde Elemental Design Group. People gasp when they look out our sliding glass doors and see the fountain, natural rock retaining wall, arbors, etc. When we met with Radiant she asked us what we wanted, the features, the general feel of the yard, functionality , etc. and she sketched as we talked. By the end our initial meeting we had a rough draft that provided very clear direction for drawing up full plans. The plans themselves were meticulous, helped us understand the overall expense breakdown, and facilitated installation. Five years later the yard is better than ever and has been the site of numerous parties and family gatherings. We are very happy with the results."
Michelle P.
San Jose, CA
"Thank you for our recent consultation and design meeting. As you are aware, our family has lived on this property in Atherton, California for ten years. Five years ago we tore down our 1950’s ranch home and build our beautiful present home with Pacific Peninsula Builders of Menlo Park. The house was situated to face our heritage oak tree that stood in the northwest corner of our lot. The oak was impressive and up lit adding a dimension to the home site. During the recent winter storms, we lost our lovely oak and the subsequent space its departure left directly impacted the entire property. After speaking to anyone and everyone, I had twenty different ideas of what to do with this empty area. I was unhappy with everyone’s suggestions. I went online and scrolled through the residential landscaping plans that you had developed on the peninsula and across Los Gatos and Saratoga. I felt that you would understand the area and hoped we could get together for a little brainstorming. You were efficient, on time and professional. Your excellent staff also followed up and took time to ensure all was good for our meeting. Since I had site plans from our building, you were more that accommodating and did on site measurements, gave suggestions and finally, sketched a full plan over my site drawings that fit perfectly with my vision. After two and a half hours I have all I need to begin the project and bring in my own contractors. I know you primarily work on large scale projects, but I do appreciate the time and consideration you took with this problem area for me. I feel the issues are solved. We may not be able to replace the majesty and drama of a giant oak, but I feel you came up with an effective plan that impress and add just the touch the entrance to our home required."
Barbara B.
Atherton, CA
"Our first encounter with Rhadiante was an exhibition she did at Santana Row. After picking up her card, we checked her website and pretty much knew right then that she would be the landscape architect for the complete redesign of our backyard. At our first meeting, she came to our house with her portable library of resources and all of her creativity. After discussing our somewhat sketchy vision and various wants, desires and dislikes, she sent us away for a bit. Less than an hour later she had a conceptual design drawn out that enabled us to envision our future backyard. It was just amazing to us that in such a short time she was able to capture our ideas and turn them into something we could see. This sketch became the basis for the detailed design for which Rhadiante recommended several very competent installation contractors. She worked with all of them to fine-tune their bids and worked closely with the one we selected. She maintained her involvement during the construction by reviewing progress and ensuring conformance to the plans. Even though the contractor we selected was exceptionally professional, competent and easy to work with, the additional oversight provided by Rhadiante was very worthwhile to ensure the result we all wanted to achieve. Now that our project is done – well, we love it! Everyone who has seen it cannot believe the transformation from the way it was before. It has changed from just a backyard into a true outdoor living space. And a lot of the credit goes to Rhadiante, who came up with the design and helped us implement it. She is easy to work with, yet very detail oriented and always striving for excellence – a clear sign that she really enjoys what she does."
Mildy & Neal W.
San Jose, CA